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Getting Started

Hello, Trivia! Here are just a few important bits of information you’ll need before the contest:

Registration begins tonight (Friday, January 29th) at 6:00pm CST. You are welcome to register at any point during the contest, but teams are encouraged to register before 9:00. The numbers are:

Off-campus: (920) 832-7148

On-campus: (920) 832-7140

Use these numbers both for registration and calling in answers during the contest.

Scoring and other concerns can be dealt with by calling the complaint line: (920) 419-6709

The Grand Master can be reached at: (920) 419-8748 (emergencies only!)

For lag purposes, we will periodically read off the time according to the US Atomic Clock .

Teams experiencing a significant lag (45 seconds or longer) should call (920) 419-6708

Good Luck!