COVID-19 News

Prepping for Winter Term | December 13, 2021

Dear Lawrentians,  

Student Life has been working hard to plan for the start of Winter Term and the arrival of students on campus after the winter break. With our continuing focus on the health and safety of our community, particularly as we enter the winter months, it is critically important that all Lawrentians arrive for Winter Term on time and complete surveillance testing. Below is important information to keep in mind prior to your return to campus. 

Vaccine Booster Shots 
CDC’s booster recommendation was updated on November 29, 2021, in response to the emerging Omicron variant. Those 18 and older should receive a booster dose of one of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) six months after the primary series or at least two months after the initial single dose of the J&J vaccine. All eligible Lawrence students, faculty, and staff should make every effort to receive their vaccine booster shot prior to the start of winter term. Please use this link to schedule your booster shot:  

Preparing to Join Campus 
We ask all students who will live and learn on the Lawrence campus this winter to be vigilant about your safety and avoid potential COVID-19 exposure for 14 days prior to your arrival on campus. I understand limiting your contacts runs counter to the normal impulse to see friends and family before leaving, but your actions will help ensure the health and safety of our entire community. Avoiding exposure involves not only following standard safety protocols, such as wearing a mask, physical distancing, and washing your hands, but also minimizing contacts to protect yourself and others during travel. Additionally, we encourage anyone who has not already gotten a flu vaccine to do so over winter break.   

We also encourage everyone to get tested 1-3 days prior to your return to campus.  If you have a positive test or if you experience illness of any kind before traveling to campus, please stay home and contact the Dean of Students at to arrange for your arrival on campus. 

Joining Campus 
As was shared in the November 1, 2021, communication from the Lawrence Pandemic Planning Team, move-in for students is January 2, 2022

All students living on campus or who will be commuting to campus, as well as faculty and staff, will be tested on the following days: 

January 3, 8:00 – 10:45 a.m. & 12:00 – 4:45 p.m. 
January 4, 8:00 – 10:45 a.m. & 12:00 – 4:45 p.m. 

Randomized testing of our on-campus population will occur weekly for the rest of the term. Since there are no pre-assigned testing appointment times, you are free to come at a time that suits your schedule. If you arrive early and there is a significant wait, feel free to come back later.  

All on-campus COVID-19 tests will be conducted by our new testing partner, Primary Health. This change will require that you complete a few important steps listed below before being tested. Please take about 5 minutes to create your account using this link

As you know, participation in our campus testing regimen is a crucial aspect of our commitment to Honor the Pledge and is a required precondition for living, learning, or working on campus, in any capacity. 

First Week of Classes 
As was noted in the November 1 communication, the first week of winter term classes will be held remotely. In addition: 

  • All student meals will be grab-and-go;
  • All student activities will be held virtually; and
  • Personal residence hall rooms will be limited to room capacity +1.  

We ask that all employees conduct meetings and other gatherings virtually during the first week of the term as well.  

Our goal is to have the opportunity to test the entire Lawrence community for Covid-19 upon arrival on campus and to isolate positive cases before returning to fully in-person classes. When the testing results from the majority of students are known, we will be able to assess our status and, hopefully, resume increased in-person activities. 

Ensuring the health and safety of the Lawrence community and beyond only works when we all do our part, together. I’m confident that we will prioritize the health and safety of our community again this winter. 

Be well, and stay well, 

Richard Jazdzewski Psy.D., LP 
Dean of Wellness Services 

P.S. A quick reminder that the university is closed from December 18, 2021, through January 2, 2022. If you do have any questions, please send them to We will check the inbox periodically over the break, so please be patient as you await a response from us. Please also continue to utilize the COVID-19 Website as a reference. Thank you!