October 2020

Month: October 2020

Faculty Development blog!

Welcome to the Lawrence University Faculty Development blog! Efforts to coordinate and streamline faculty development programming and resources have produced an events calendar and this blog. You’ll find upcoming events and the latest blog posts embedded on the main Faculty Development page on the Provost’s web site. You may wish to set that page to be your browser’s default home page to stay up to date.

Subscribe to the Events Calendar

You can view the events calendar on the web, but you can also subscribe to the calendar using this URL:

The most straightforward way to get the calendar events onto your Outlook calendar is to use webmail:

  1. View your calendar in webmail.
  2. Select Add calendar at the top of the window and choose From internet.
  3. Paste the above webcal link and give the calendar a name like LU Faculty Development.

Subscribe to the Blog Feed

If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the faculty development blog by using this link:


Who is Contributing?

The events and resources will be collaboratively posted by faculty and staff from these areas:

  • Inclusive Pedagogy Committee
  • HHMI Grant Planning Committee
  • Office of the Provost
  • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Conservatory of Music
  • Freshman Studies director
  • Seeley G. Mudd Library
  • Office of Instructional Technology

If you have a suggestion for something to post, please contact someone in one of these areas.