Trivia XLVIII Registration, etc.

Trivia XLVIII will begin tonight at 10:00:37 pm CST! Registration will be open 7:30-9:30 pm (right before the contest), and registering is simple. Just call up either the on-campus phone number (if you’re an on-campus team) or the off-campus phone number (if you’re an off-campus team) and be prepared to give us:

  • Your team name
  • A contact person
  • A phone number we can reach you at
  • An email address we can email you at
  • Where you are playing from

The numbers are:

  • On-campus: (920) 832-7140
  • Off-campus: (920) 832-7148

Other relevant numbers:

  • Grand Master: (920) 419-TRIV
  • Complaint Line: (920) 419-6658

Domum Venio, Vivas Solum Semel!