2018 End of Contest Wrap-Up

Thank you to all who were a part of this amazing weekend. – Jenny

Off-Campus Winners:
1. The Holy Broman Lonestar Republic Presents: Cardboard Davy Crocket Remembers the Alamo with 1305 points – Their prize was a cardboard bra made by team 2, signed by all the Trivia Masters.


2. Get A Load Of That Sandwich (Get A Load Of It!) Get A Load Of That Sandwich (That Sandwich!) Look At That Sandwich (Look At It!) Get A Load Of That Sandwich (Get A Load Of It!) Look At That Sandwich (Look At It!) Woo! (Woohoo!) Woo! (Yeah!) Woo! (Woohoohoo!) with 1285 points


3. Caillouigi with 1185 points


On-Campus Winners:
1. The Cult of the Pink Shoe with 1170 points – Their prize was a troll doll, signed by all the Trivia Masters


2. WLFM: It’s Our Station So We Win with 1027 points


3. Trivia Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Nips, The Nipples of Knowledge Return with 980 points
Total off-campus players: 614
Total on-campus players: 63
Total players: 677


Total number of questions asked: 329
Total possible points: ~1930


First Garuda – 15min, 100pts – Written by HM Jenny Hanrahan ’18
Q: Tony Bradburn believes that if you were to be on skiis, one lap around this lake would be a SERIOUS work out. Nearby this lake is a historical building within which resides a 10 foot sculpture of a historical Illinoisan politician. In the room with the single twin bed, there is a heart-shaped box on top of a dresser. What is in the box?
A: [black beans, a marble, and a pinecone]
Teams answering correctly: None, total on- and off- campus shutout
Second Garuda – 15min, 100pts – Written by TM Sophie Penniman ’19
Q: A University of London graduate has interests that include medication, religion, and Victorian studies. In 1995, this person was an assistant professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. On February 26th, 1995, they gave a talk at a conference. If you had been at this conference and found yourself in the Auditorium at 3 P.M. the day before the lecture in question, which workshop would you be attending?
A: “Lesbian Avengers”
Teams answering correctly: None, total off- and on- campus shutout.


Super Garuda – 30min, 200pts – Written by TM (now HM) Miranda Salazar ’19
Q: In the Tanzanian city whose name is an anagram for “A Salad Smear” There is an intersection of two roads near the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco. One road shares the first name with the former Supreme Chief of the Gogo and a the other road is named for a Tanzanian Sultan whoses skull’s return is discussed in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. On the wall in front of the intersection there are three large legibly scrawled words in English, what are they?
A: “The Jungle, Bob”
Teams answering correctly: None, total off- and on- campus shutout.

Long live Jack Bhour.

End of 2017 Contest Wrap-up

Thanks again for a great weekend. I had a lot of fun and everything went very smoothly. Here’s some end of contest info for posterity! And for the curious folk…

– Ridley

Off-Campus Winners:
1. Holy Broman Literary Society Presents: Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand J** with 1376 points. Their prize, following tradition, was something breakable. This year it was an unopened can of Red Dog beer, smashed on the ground at the awards ceremony.


2. The Cailloutastrophe: Her p***y bald like Caillou, Swag-Swag like Caillou, I’m good, (buddy) how you?, Go way back like Caillou, Hat back like Caillou, I dont match like Caillou, My weed young like Caillou, Go dumb like Caillou, I’m PBS like Caillou, DTF like Caillou, My d*** fresh like Caillou, She get wet like Caillou, The realest in it like Caillou, I dig in it like Caillou, Bad bee, go suck d***, Need 30 minutes like Caillou, I’m up early like Caillou, She get dirty like Caillou, She ain’t worthy, I’m Caillou, I’m nerdy like Caillou, I’m young as hell like Caillou, Don’t fail like Caillou, I go for it like Caillou, F*** Dora, Caillou with 1358 points.


3. Hobgoblins of Little Minds with 1313 points.


On-Campus Winners:
1. Team Drinking in the Lounge, Officially Recognized as Quizball, with a special performance by J.C. Smith and the Sunshine Band debuting their new single “All Walk and No Talk” featuring the musical stylings of Marky Mark, David Bell, and Lin-Manuel Miranda; Don’t Injure Thine Leg, Diligently Inquiring Thoughtful Lagrangian, Definitely Investigating Typical Lynxes, Death Invites the Living, Darkness Infiltrating Trembling Light, Forever Haunted by the Ghost of David and the Bells with 1284 points. Prize was the ripped-off leg of a monkey stuffed animal.


2. Homemaker, Wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. I love to plan, budget and decorate. My goal is to be my best and a great testimony for (construction worker turned academic turned central banker. opinions here are my own, not pete willis said nor said reserved system) with 1153 points.


3. Cult of the Pink Shoes with 1110 points.


Total off-campus players: 522
Total on-campus players: 164
Total players: 686


Total number of questions asked: 360
Total possible points: ~1800


First Garuda – 10min, 50pts – Written by TM Madeira Seaman ’18
Q: This museum will make you feel “happy to be alive.” In the room of this museum containing illustrations of by serial killers, there is a poster that lists the top ten serial killer pet peeves. According to this specific print of the poster, what is the #1 serial killer pet peeve?
A: “Move Silence of the Lambs – not as funny as the book”
Teams answering correctly: Teams 4, 5, 12, and 166 each answered the first garuda for 50 points!


Second Garuda – 20min, 100pts – Written by TM (now HM) Jenny Hanrahan ’18
Q: On October 22, 2016, a 1996 Grammy winner performed in Pune City, Maharashtra. In the performance venue sits a waffle stand. When Ankit Goel paid a visit to this stand in July of 2016, what did he have to say about his experience?
A:I am so grumpy still your waffles make me go 🙂 ooo . . ooo :)”
Teams answering correctly: None, total off- and on- campus shutout.


Super Garuda – 30min, 200pts – Written by TM Kyle Labak ’17
Q: A number of Lawrentians have taken trips to China to study sustainability. In the third city visited on their 2015 trip, there is a bar on the tenth floor of a building near the intersection of Minquan Road and Fushui North Road. In the fifth issue of a ‘zine they distributed last July, which features a pink robot on the cover, what artist is shown on page eight?
A: “Dickid”
Teams answering correctly: None, total off- and on- campus shutout.

Long live Jack Bhour.