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The wrong complaint line number was posted with the “are you having trouble connecting?” post (now updated). If you’ve been calling complaints into the number that was posted, they were falling on deaf ears. The CORRECT number, once again is (920) 419-6709. We’re terribly sorry for the error.

Thanks to Nudge for spotting the problem.

Getting Started

Hello, Trivia! Here are just a few important bits of information you’ll need before the contest:

Registration begins tonight (Friday, January 29th) at 6:00pm CST. You are welcome to register at any point during the contest, but teams are encouraged to register before 9:00. The numbers are:

Off-campus: (920) 832-7148

On-campus: (920) 832-7140

Use these numbers both for registration and calling in answers during the contest.

Scoring and other concerns can be dealt with by calling the complaint line: (920) 419-6709

The Grand Master can be reached at: (920) 419-8748 (emergencies only!)

For lag purposes, we will periodically read off the time according to the US Atomic Clock .

Teams experiencing a significant lag (45 seconds or longer) should call (920) 419-6708

Good Luck!