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Interested in making a film?

A coalition focused on advance care planning, or health care decisions when people cannot speak for themselves wants to make a film about health care decisions. WI law is very strict, so this is really important for all adults in our state. I have a couple of community members interested in creating a film focused on young people (e.g., graduating 18 year olds) and their parents. To find out more information call 920-997-8412 or email Ellen.koski@mosaicfamilyhealth.org.

MLK, Jr. Day of Service 2018

MLK, Jr. Day of Service at Lawrence University is an annual event that invites the entire Lawrence community to continue honoring the ideas of Dr. King and the civil rights movements that continue to this day. Students, staff and faculty will honor the continuance of the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr through learning, serving, and celebrating.

Volunteers have much to gain from civically engaging in the community. Volunteering on MLK Jr. Day provides an opportunity for you to:
• Enrich your degree/discipline: Learn how your intellectual and personal talents can address a need in the community while allowing you to apply the knowledge you are gaining in your coursework.
• Gain invaluable work experience and network: Many volunteering opportunities allow you to develop the skills you need for a job out in the ‘real world’ without having to get grilled in an interview first.
• Make a difference and be empowered: By volunteering, you are making the decisions and doing what you can in order to improve the environment around you. If you think you can do better, why not give it a go?
• Step away from coursework and work to think about your own commitment to civic engagement.

In addition to a speaker who will address an important social justice issue impacting our health, a variety of both on-campus and off-campus opportunities are available to all. Each activity is a student led initiative that benefits the community and helps Lawrentians solidify the value of learning as you serve. Select from a number of options, any of which will benefit a variety of agencies in the Appleton area.

Register by Jan. 12 at Register HERE. and click on “events.”

Go “into the streets” to learn about Appleton and volunteer!

Dear first-year students,

Welcome to Lawrence and to Appleton, WI! We are glad to have you in our community.

You may be wondering about your new home and neighborhood and asking, “where are the good places to eat?” and “what community resources are available?” and “how can I meet new friends that care about the community?”

A great way to find out is to join LU leaders and alumni in going “Into the Streets” to learn, serve and celebrate together during Welcome Week on Saturday, 9/9 from 1-5 pm.

Learn more and sign up soon! Space is limited and the event does fill. https://givepul.se/yrwfo

Closed for July

The Volunteer and Community Service Center is now closed and will re-open August 1, 2017. All student-run programs, such as our VITAL tutoring program, LARY mentoring program and HYPE, OLAS, and BYE cultural support programs will resume late September when students return to the Volunteer Center. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact Karen Brenna, Administrative Assistant, at 920.832.7167.

Make Your Mark on MLK, Jr. Day 2017

There are opportunities for Lawrence University students, staff, faculty and alumni to serve together on MLK, Jr. Day of Service, Monday, January 16, 2017 (no classes are in session this day). Registration deadline = 1/10/17.

Opportunities both on campus and outside the bubble are available (transportation provided). Review the events here and sign up for one off-campus opportunity or up to three on-campus opportunities. Please note, our greatest need is off campus.

Come Visit!

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Welcome to the Volunteer Center! We are located across from Wriston Art Center Gallery at Lawe St. and Alton intersection. We hope to see you soon!

University Course 170

Do you believe or suspect that your volunteer work and service have prepared you for a leadership role, but can’t quite articulate why that is the case? Would you like to achieve a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between service and leadership? UNIC 170 3 unit course that is designed for students with significant volunteer or community service experience. It will look at the role of leadership and the development of leadership skills as an outcome of participation via service in human communities. This course meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday from 1:50pm-3:00pm and is an S/U option only. For questions or approval to register please contact Professor Mark Jenike at mark.jenike@lawrence.edu