Greek Week

by Lauren Turner on May 12, 2019

Spring term is an exciting part of the year at Lawrence. Plenty of activities and events occur on campus throughout spring term, from the masterwork to LUaroo (the all-weekend music festival held on the quad at the end of spring term). However, there is another huge event that is tons of fun during spring term: Greek Week!

Greek Week is held every spring term by the Panhellenic Council on campus. The council is made up of members from several different Greek organizations on campus. They organize many events throughout the year to facilitate good conversation about Greek life on campus, and to help dispel any stereotypes that people may have about Greek life. Our greek life is a strong part of campus, but it isn’t something that you have to do. We have many students at Lawrence who don’t necessarily want to be involved in Greek life, and that’s ok! All of the events that each different fraternity hosts are open to anyone, whether they’re in Greek life or not. We have several different fraternities and sororities on campus, traditional and non-traditional. We have several fraternities on campus, including Sig Ep, Delt, Phi Tau, and Beta. Some of these groups do have houses on the quad, but many of the houses aren’t involved in Greek life. Some of our other houses include Dance House, Gaming House, and Draheim. We also have several sororities, including Kappa, Theta, and DG. We also have a POC sorority, Beta Psi Nu. While none of these sororities have houses on campus, they do have rooms in Colman Hall, which also houses the Panhellenic Council headquarters. We also have several other groups, including Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and Sigma Alpha Iota. Both of these are groups that are heavily involved with music and the conservatory.

Greek week is an event held by Panhel. It involves every Greek group on campus, and is an entire week of fun events hosted by each group. The week always kicks off at the beginning of the week (on Monday) with Lip Sync! In Lip Sync, several of the fraternities and sororities perform lip synced dances to certain themes, like Boy Bands (Kappa’s theme this year), 80s Rock (DG’s theme), or Workout (Sig Ep’s theme this year that won 1st place). However, Lip Sync isn’t the only this happening during Greek Week. Every day we have a different event hosted by a different sorority or fraternity. On Tuesday, my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, hosts Too Hot to Handle, which used to be a hot wing eating contest turned cookout on the quad. On Wednesday, DG hosts Anchor Splash, a syncronized swimming competition in the Wellness Center, which is always very fun! Delt also hosts a carnival on the quad as well! Thurdays have Kicks for Kasa, a kickball tournament hosted by Theta. The weekend always brings along many more events hosted by different groups. On Friday, Beta Psi Nu hosts their ‘Beta Bloom Bash’ with water balloons. Meanwhile, Saturday has ‘The Battle of the Bands” hosted by Sig Ep, a singing competition, Phi Tau’s ‘Pride Walk’, and the SAI ‘Con Prom’ hosted in the Conservatory Saturday night. The week finally ends with Beta’s pancake breakfast that they host in their house. The entire week is busy and tons of fun! Each event is also incredible, because all the money that each group makes on their events goes to one of the organizations that that group volunteers and is involved with. It’s also great, because anyone can join in on the fun! They don’t need to be involved in Greek life to join in on any of the events! It’s a really fun week, and a great part of life at Lawrence.

Kappa Kappa Gamma at this year’s Lip Sync. Our theme was Boy Bands!

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