It’s Reading Period!

by Jessica Gehring on May 6, 2019

Here at Lawrence University, we’ve now reached sixth week, which means students get to enjoy a much-needed reading period! Reading period gives students the Thursday and Friday of week six off each term, and usually right in the middle of midterms (depending on your professor).  Reading period can be used as a time to relax, a time to explore, or a time to catch up on studies. Here are some recommendations to ensure a fun reading period!

  • ORC, or the Lawrence Outdoor Recreation Club, organizes trips that take place over reading period. Trips in the past have included things like hiking and rafting, and have taken place not only in Wisconsin, but all over the US. These usually require a small registration fee, but are a great way to connect with different people around campus.
  • Some students take Reading Period as an opportunity to travel. The Appleton airport is only 15 minutes down the road, the Milwaukee airport is about two hours away, and Chicago about three. While the majority of students on campus do not own cars, it is very easy to reach out to people on campus to create a carpool to certain destinations, whether that is an airport, or a vacation spot.
  • As many students live in Wisconsin or in a border state, it is easy for some to get home. Reading period also gives more time for travel for those who might live farther away, so it can act as a nice long weekend to catch up with family.
  • The Volunteer center on campus organizes many volunteer opportunities throughout the whole year, including during reading period! Most opportunities are local, and transportation is included. Many students will gather a few friends and make a fun day out of volunteering!
  • Our second campus located in Door County, Wisconsin, Björklunden, also offers retreats throughout reading period. It is a beautiful cabin style lodge located on Lake Michigan, offering fun bonding time for campus groups, or private rest, repose, or reflection. Björklunden trips, especially during reading period, fill up fast, so make sure to reserve your spot with a group trip as early as possible.
  • As Lawrence is located in the heart of downtown Appleton, students are very lucky to have such a fun and eclectic array of shops, bars, and dining within walking distance! There are an immense number of restaurants to try out with friends, three different thrift shops to delve through, and novelty shops, all within one mile. For those with cars, there is also a movie theater open seven days a week. Finally, there is the Fox Valley Mall, with many different types of stores, a Target, and several more restaurants to try in the shopping area. There is a Lawrence shopping shuttle that can take students to and from this destination.
  • Once you get to Lawrence, you will realize how crazy a term can get with schoolwork, extracurricular and social events. This being said, many students use reading period as a time to catch up on sleep or on their favorite Netflix show. This is personally my favorite way to spend reading period!
  • Finally, another recommended way to spend a reading period is as suggested by its name – to read or study! Like I mentioned before, Lawrence can get crazy, and it is nice to have some downtime to catch up on any work, or get ahead for the next couple of weeks.
The Fox River Mall is only a fifteen minute bus ride from campus!
College Ave – The heart of downtown Appleton

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