Meme Hour Viral Videos!

(Update: Plantz’s video has been fixed. They are all available on our page!)

Sorry it took so long, but the meme hour viral videos are finally up on our youtube page! You can find all twelve of them at, and they’re all really great. This action question is definitely a total success!


Between now and 2:30 am Sunday morning each off-campus team and trivia master will be able to vote for their favorite video, and at 2:30 am we will tally the votes to announce a winner. So for the off-campus teams here are the guidelines:

  1. Please try to watch all of the videos. If you don’t have time, you don’t have time and that’s the way it is, but please make an effort.
  2. Decide as a team which is your favorite (however you define favorite) and send an email to with the name of the video you want to vote for and your team contact info (name and/or contact phone number). This is being done to validate the votes so no teams can cheat and impersonate other teams.
  3. You may only vote once. If we find your team has more than one vote, we will discount all of your votes.
This has NOTHING to do with view counts, so having people watch your video over and over again gains you nothing. I’m looking at you, Ali Babar.