Get all of your ducks in a row . . . volunteer! Starting April 19th, the Volunteer Center will be hosting a week long volunteer competition to offer Lawrentians the chance to engage with the Appleton community. Opportunities to volunteer will be provided at the Building for Kids, Boys and Girls Club, Brewster Village, and more! The deadline to register is April 16th so start getting your ducks in a row now and sign up today. There will be prizes for both individual volunteers and teams of volunteers; including a $50 Toppers gift card for the team with the most hours and a $25 Appleton Downtown, Inc. gift card to the individual with the most hours.

Click here to sign up!

**In addition, there will be an exciting kick-off event on April 19th from 1-3pm to start things off. Students will be assigned to a team and will experience a campus wide scavenger hunt to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Appleton area. Registration is not required for the event kick-off event so please just show up at the Wriston Amphitheater**