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Round Table on Curricular Innovations

Come hear from three faculty about innovations they have made in their classes. Each Inclusive Pedagogy Committee award recipient will share a 5-10min summary of what they each did, including an overview of their revision, why they did it, and what worked and what didn’t. This will then be followed by a question-and-answer session. Students are welcome to the session.


Friday, January 21st 12:30 -1:30pm (with students)


Zoom. Details will be sent upon RSVP.

Please RSVP for the Round Table here.


Vanessa Plumly – 1st year German sequence

Plumly will embark on a process of replacing the textbook with a less-expensive choice, and supplementing that text with materials that more accurately portray the diversity and complexity of contemporary German culture.  She will also shift assessments to more active language production through real-world contexts.

Brigid Vance   – History 160: Traditional East Asian Civilizations

Vance will take a new thematic approach to this survey course so her students experience the complexity of traditional East Asia while working to rebalance an understanding of what kind of knowledge is valued and by whom. She will use a series of scaffolded reading, writing, and engagement exercises designed to invite students to become co-creators and purveyors of knowledge. 

Bob Williams – EDST 180     Psychology of Learning

Williams will restructure the course around different types of learning that include a multitude of examples drawn from diverse cultural contexts.  He will engage the students in actively demonstrating research-based methods that use diverse examples of their own choosing alongside exemplars from the original research.