Welcome! Episode 1 “Everything is Fine”: September 20th

This year, we’re going to have a series of philosophical conversations around the NBC show “The Good Place”. September 20th we will get started with a discussion of episode one, “Everything is Fine,” and an introduction to the series. This episode is available on Netflix, along with the rest of the series, or on reserve in the Mudd Library under “Philosophy Strange Thing,” abbreviation “PHILStrange.”

You can see the first few minutes of the episode here:  https://youtu.be/QcCHLfVdhXg.

Discussion questions: Is infinite reward (or punishment) for finite, Earthly actions just? Are soulmates real? Will Eleanor be able to earn her place in the good place posthumously? We will consider these and more questions tomorrow! 

Please note that, for now, we will be meeting in Main Hall 105, rather than the Strange Lounge.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! Consider bringing a friend who’s interested in philosophy!