April Campus Updates

Dear Lawrentians,

Today is the first day of Earth Week, and the LUCC Sustainability Committee has coordinated with other sustainability organizations to plan a robust week of activities celebrating our planet. Festivities include educational opportunities, campus beautification projects, and plenty of fun. Earth Week is also a time for each of us, as well as the university as a whole, to assess our environmental footprint and commitment to sustainability.

I am impressed by Lawrence’s longstanding commitment to foster a culture of sustainability, from the work of Sustainability Steering Committee, to the robust student engagement with initiatives like recycling and the SLUG garden, to the campus solar panels that generate 30,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year, to the Net Zero Björklunden project. I also believe it is time for Lawrence to take the next step.

On Earth Day, this Friday, April 22, I will sign a Climate Commitment that affirms our belief that colleges and universities must exercise leadership to create a positive and sustainable future.

I am excited for Lawrence to join the institutions across the state and country that have made this vital commitment. It is an important reflection of our values and the university’s dedication to a sustainable future. A key component of the Climate Commitment is the development of a comprehensive Climate Action Plan for Lawrence, which includes carbon neutrality and resilience.

Please join me, along with faculty and student representatives from organizations dedicated to environmental action, at 4:00 p.m. on Friday in front of Main Hall for this historic event. Together, we will reaffirm Lawrence’s commitment to a sustainable campus and a sustainable future.

Just as we must be kind to the Earth to nurture its strengths and ensure its survival, we must also be kind to each other to nurture and sustain our community. Kindness may take many different forms, from individual acts to collective gestures. Acts of kindness can be random or intentional. Whatever the size and whatever the cause, kindness is a key component of community, particularly a community likes ours that values acceptance and belonging.

In a few short weeks, I will officially be inaugurated as the 17th president of Lawrence University. I can think of no better way to showcase our sense of community at this moment in the university’s history than to showcase the best of our community, especially our kindness to each other.

On April 27, we will launch a community-wide campaign leading up to my inauguration—17 Days of Kindness. Over the course of the campaign, we will honor one another by infusing kindness into our daily practice. There will be opportunities to show this kindness to your fellow Lawrentians and to those a part of the Appleton community. There will even be gifts!

More information regarding the campaign will be shared soon, so please watch your email, campus posters and digital displays, and social media. I look forward to joining each of you as we demonstrate together how a kind word or deed can lift up each other and our community.


President Laurie A. Carter