Saying Goodbye

by Shannon Strombom on June 3, 2014

There’s less than two weeks left. That’s less than two weeks until I graduate from college. Less than two weeks to check things off my SYST bucket list. Less than two weeks to pack up my things, finish my schoolwork, say my goodbyes and mentally prepare myself for Life after Lawrence. It’s terrifying. It’s exciting. I honestly can’t even describe it.

10413427_10152075493741765_193026926526068599_n My little, me, and my big.

So, I won’t even try. I’ll just recap the past few weeks and mention whats coming up these last few. Over Memorial Day weekend we had LUAROO, our annual two day music festival. By far, my favorite weekend of the year (especially since last year it got rained out). The weather was gorgeous: warm and sunny! I got to sit out on the quad, listen to music and on top of it all, I got to spend the weekend with my Big from Theta who graduated last year and was visiting from Minnesota! That may have resulted in me cramming a paper into one day, but it was totally worth catching up with a good friend of mine.

Earlier that same week was Senior Bar Crawl, and just this past week,we had the Mr. and Mrs. Larry U pageant. It’s a senior class tradition that consists of a talent round, a swimsuit competition and, this year, a lip sync competition. Following the competition, most of us took part in more festivities, another well known senior tradition here at Lawrence (but this one I’m going to keep a secret – you’ll just have to come here to find out what I’m talking about). Coming up this week is Senior Dinner. We have a nice meal with our classmates and some awesome professors has we watch a slide show, open the letters we wrote to ourselves during our Freshman Dinner and remember the past four years. At the end of the night, Senior Superlatives will also be revealed. After that, its’s Finals Week and commencement activities (reception at the President’s house, picnic lunch for senior and families, etc.), all ending with graduation that Sunday! cap-and-gown

This will be my last blog post, so I’ll end with this, as cheesy as it is: No matter where life takes me, I’ll always remember Lawrence. As a high school senior making the huge decision on where to go to college from her kitchen in her Tokyo apartment, I don’t think I ever could have predicted just how perfect my choice was. Through all the ups (and the downs also) Lawrence has been another home for me, and these past four years have truly been the best of my life. The attachment to this place might fade, but the memories certainly won’t and for that, I’ll forever be thankful.          imagesCAR3LYNZ


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