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Congratulations Maxx Powell-Kelley, 2018, Mindfully She

Maxx Powell-Kelley, 2018
Social Media Marketing Specialist, Mindfully She, El Segundo, CA
Organization website:
“I am looking forward to taking something that was originally a hobby and position I had previously done in student leadership as a pathway to a career post-grad. This opportunity is providing an amazing creative outlet in one of my favorite places. “

Congratulations Rebecca Albrecht, 2018, Fitch Ratings

Rebecca Albrecht, 2018
Economics, Government
Associate Analyst, Fitch Ratings, Chicago
Organization website:
“I will be joining Fitch’s Global Infrastructure Group as an associate analyst. I’m very excited to be using knowledge from both my economics and government majors to analyze and rate bonds!”

Congratulations Catiel Galindo Zarate, 2016, Homeless Connections

Catiel Galindo

Catiel Galindo Zarate, 2016
Spanish & Psychology
Housing Supervisor, Homeless Connections, Appleton WI
Organization website:
“It is always my priority to help the community, and the challenge of ending homelessness is very important to me. It breaks my heart seeing people suffer in the cold and thinking that they have nowhere else to go. I am aware that homelessness is sometimes caused by an event or an unexpected situation and at times people might just need a little guidance to rebuild their lives.”