First impressions of my internship – Sarah Clewet

The Center for Deep Listening Internship has already been a wonderful experience! My first shock was the terrain as I am an “Illinois flatlander” and the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute sits on top of this giant hill that overlooks the city of Troy, NY. I arrived a day before my internship started, so I was able to explore Troy (a quaint, formerly prosperous industrial town on the Hudson River) and RPI (a medium-sized technical university) as well as get acquainted with my roommate, who is a student at Russell Sage College (an all girls college located in the city of Troy). I must admit it’s hard to move somewhere completely new with no prior friends or acquaintances, but I quickly had the opportunity to reach out through my roommate and the friends I am making at RPI. On my off time I am exploring New York state and making connections with Lawrence friends that live here. I am also keeping up with my music studies by working with professional instructors in the area.
The start of my internship was slower than I expected, but I am glad for the slow pace now as it gave me time to settle in and meet new people. I started off my internship by sitting in on an “Introduction to Deep Listening” class that is an elective offered to the students at RPI. The class finishes up July 2nd, and it has been such a wonderful experience as I am furthering my knowledge of Deep Listening techniques as well as creating friends in the process. This summer the Center for Deep Listening has been in transition as it is relocating from Kingston, NY, to the RPI campus. My main project, archiving files and artifacts from the move, is currently on hold as a plan is being formulated. In the meantime, I have been working on some small Excel projects for the director of the Center for Deep Listening, Tomie Hahn. Tomie is a fascinating person and I really look forward to working with her throughout the summer. She is so energetic and has such an interesting background (much of it in ethnomusicology). I am also hoping to work with the AUMI technology or the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments that enables anyone, and specifically those with profound physical disabilities, to be able to create and explore their own music and sound through movement and gestures ( To be honest I wasn’t nervous to start my internship, but more curious about what type of adventures and creative projects it would bring. I really picture Deep Listening as a way of life and I have been very fortunate to be able to be immersed in this type of thinking, meditating and lifestyle for a summer and really find out more about myself and this self reflective process.

Congratulations Kerstin Brolsma, 2015, Oxford University

Kerstin Brolsma, 2015
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Government, Chinese Language and Literature

MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom
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“I am thrilled to continue my research of contemporary China and contemporary Chinese feminism at a world-class facility with wonderful resources.”