Congratulations Intern Kevin Marin, 2016, United States Tennis Association

Kevin Marin, 2016

Diversity and Inclusion for Ticket Operations Intern , United States Tennis Association, Queens, New York

Organization website:

“Working with a team to create a project that will boost ticket sales is very exciting because interdependence is the key to success. They say that working with a team can bring up conflicting ideas and lead to failure. But with a strong leader who can take individuals ideas and collate them into something great, anything can be done. I hope to be that leader amongst the other interns from other universities. I also worked for the USTA for three years in high school and I’m excited to be able to return to a great company that exists in my neighborhood of Queens, New York.”

Congratulations Intern Emily Allen, 2016, Wellfleet Harbor Actor’s Theater

Emily Allen, 2016

Psychology, Theater Arts

Production Intern, Wellfleet Harbor Actor’s Theater, Wellfleet, MA

Organization website:

“I am excited to have the chance to both hone my theater production abilities and expand them. I look forward to working with students that share my love of the process of creating theater and also to work with a wide range of professionals, craftsmen, and designers that can help me further explore all aspects of production, from costuming and scene design to lighting and sound.”

Congratulations Intern Ruby Dickson, 2016, Deprag Industries

Ruby Dickson, 2016
Economics, Chinese

Finance Internship, Deprag Industries, Suzhou, China

Organization website:

“My internship will allow me to integrate my Chinese language into a work setting, and to gain experience and understanding in the field of industrial finance, in addition to honing my financial and accounting skills. I’m excited to be able to apply what I’ve learned at Lawrence about economics and finance, and to gain working experience abroad!”