1-Garuda 3 Scores



Scores after garuda 3.



Bucky (8) leads with 1374.

Shrek (5) is in 2nd with 1347.

We’re Taking the Hobbits to #Octopunks Is Not Death (20) is in 3rd with 1141.5.

Past Masters Volume 1: (19) is in 4th with 1129.

David + the Bells deriously and tenaciously burrow down and through Byzantine data attributed to beginning days and the bewildering details associated therin, becoming dominant and truly best (2) is in 5th with 1111.




Hobgoblin of Little Mind (104) leads with 1236.

50 Shades of Trivia (142) is in 2nd with 1225.

Je suis Iowans (158) are in 3rd with 1217.

Too Much Trivia In The Pants (110) is in 4th with 1134.

Six Feet Under (146) is in 5th with 1030.


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Scores 2015 1-Garuda 3


– Joe