Professional Development: Super Womxnhood: Debunking Notions of Perfection for Womxn of Color

Webinars available through the student affairs association ACPA College Student Educators International contribute in interesting ways to bettering the student life experience. Educators, staff and administrators alike can benefit from the offerings of this professional organization. By reviewing the webinar “Super Womxnhood: Debunking Notions of Perfection for Womxn of Color”, it is through this lens that we can get a glimpse of perceptions and expectations that exist all around us.

Additionally, through first hand accounts and researched findings, we are offered an opportunity to look more closely views and ideas that inform those expectations. Through examination of our own practices, biases, allowances and experiences, we find greater opportunities for the alignment of ideas and performance.

This webinar has a fee of $10. Interested participants can register here.