Ramadan in U.S. culture is a place where the two worlds of observant Muslims can be placed slightly out of alignment: the practical world of school or work, and the religious world of faithful observance.  Muslim employees, co-workers, and students may be fasting for Ramadan, a chosen practice that those observing believe brings them closer to God. As colleagues to students and workers in a space where others might be fasting, we should educate ourselves about what fasting means in this context and how it can affect others. For example,  we should take into consideration that the absence of food and water during daylight hours may affect how that student or worker manages their time due to changes in concentration and energy.    

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Creating a Safe Space

90 percent of transgender people experience harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Everyone has the right to a workplace that is free from emotional harassment, physical harassment, and/or discrimination. Likewise, we all have a responsibility to help create safe spaces at work for our transgender colleagues. 


This month, we are featuring a link to a self-guided training to increase your knowledge of, and broaden your perspective on, LGBTQ+ issues. The training will introduce foundational LGBTQ+ concepts, as well as provide you with the tools and vocabulary to continue to grow in your ability to help create a safe and collegial workspace.

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Sometimes Disabilities are Invisible.   

“When one is disabled, the problem is not really that they have impairments and social skill deficits. The issue at stake is that they live in an ‘ableist’ culture that rarely affords them the space or opportunity to make their unique contribution to society and does not lift up the value of choosing them as friends.”

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Checking the Box “Diversity-Related Event or Gathering”

Using the LU Room Reservation System?
Have you noticed that new checkbox under “Details”?
The one that says “Diversity-Related Event or Gathering”?

To create a more inclusive Lawrence, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Diversity and Intercultural Center encourage the campus community to be aware of upcoming events, organizations, services, workshops, and ongoing initiatives in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

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