Ramadan in U.S. culture is a place where the two worlds of observant Muslims can be placed slightly out of alignment: the practical world of school or work, and the religious world of faithful observance.  Muslim employees, co-workers, and students may be fasting for Ramadan, a chosen practice that those observing believe brings them closer to God. As colleagues to students and workers in a space where others might be fasting, we should educate ourselves about what fasting means in this context and how it can affect others. For example,  we should take into consideration that the absence of food and water during daylight hours may affect how that student or worker manages their time due to changes in concentration and energy.    

We have collected a few articles and videos intended to deepen your understanding of Ramadan and allow for a greater expression of compassion that surely comes with increased knowledge. This year, Ramadan will occur approximately May 6 through June 5, according to the Muslim lunar calendar.

5 Ways To Support Muslim Friends And Colleagues This Ramadan


For information on how the Lawrence Community observes Ramadan, please visit the webpage or Facebook page for the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life.