by Yame Senye on May 24, 2014

484007_169410523215052_2015961702_nIn my opinion, this weekend Lawrence University is hosting the best event to be held on campus. Yes indeed, LU-aroo, the most amazing musical festival! This event is a tradition, like Freshman Studies or the Kaleidoscope event where student musicians from our very own, nationally recognized, Conservatory of Music put on an evening of music from genres such as jazz, opera, bluegrass, classical, to name a few.
However, LUaroo is different; a music festival usually held outdoors in the quad. This festival features numerous musicians or bands performing over a period of a few days. With no school on Monday many Lawrentians are excited to get in some shorts, dresses and skirts and kick of their shoes, enjoy the great weather and listen to music all day and all night. Well thats not all that happens, we have frisbees, water balloons, grill outs, rummage sales, lemonade, water guns, and more; only the best way to enjoy your memorial weekend.

Here are some pictures taken from the event.





Well excuse-me yall while I go back out to enjoy the rest of the festival. More details to come!

yia sas!


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