First snowfall

A little more than a month ago, a previous blog post focused on Mother Nature’s nastier side in the form of Hurricane Sandy and its impact on, among many things, the college application process. Today we get a glimpse of Mother Nature’s friendlier side: a 3-inch snowfall followed by a cloudless blue sky here in Appleton. Enjoy this morning’s meander around campus.

Memorial Chapel and its evergreen neighbors.
Tree near Plantz Hall, backlit by the morning sun.
Above College Avenue looking south toward Main Hall
The admissions office and its venerable partner, the giant copper beech




Sunset reflection

Another great shot from the gallery of Rachel Crowl, Lawrence’s gifted photographer,

catching the sunset reflecting off the windows of the Warch Campus Center through the branches of a much-loved tree on campus. (Note: there’s way less snow on the ground now than when this photo was taken.)

Moonrise over Lawrence

Moonrise over Lawrence

Zenmaster and capturer-of-the-moment Rachel Crowl (Lawrence’s gifted video/photo wrangler) snapped this on a January evening just as the moon was rising over campus.