Survey Results #24: Time For A Brewed Awakening!

According to our survey results, you’re more likely to hear someone ask for a Brewed Awakening once you get to campus than you are to hear someone ask for a Starbucks run. We asked our incoming students which they preferred out of the following three options: Starbucks, local coffee shops or Pepsi.

(The Pepsi was included to accommodate non-coffee drinkers, although one person later commented that she prefers milk. She’ll love Wisconsin!)

In this case, about 15% of you said Pepsi, 20% said Starbucks, and a whopping 65% said local coffee shops.

(For the record, 65% is how many of our classes have just one student…in case you missed that in any of our brochures talking about individualized learning.)

Fortunately, you’ll all find a happy medium in Appleton, Wisconsin. Just a couple blocks from campus, you’ll find local favorites like Harmony CafĂ©, Brewed Awakenings and Copper Rock, as well as a Starbucks, and several enterprises that serve non-coffee options.

In fact, you can find out about everything else we have in downtown Appleton by going to this city-sponsored site. or check out a blog by Jeff Lindsay, a local resident who seems to know and love more about Appleton than anyone.

He also collects information about the city of Appleton on another website.

Now that it’s under a month until you arrive on campus, we’re getting really excited. Whether it’s at Starbucks, Harmony, Brewed Awakenings, the Brat Cart or a soda-selling restaurant, we look forward to seeing you on and off campus!