Survey Results #3: What’s in Name?

Nicknames can say a lot about who you are. While you were given an official name at your birth, (proven with a handy birth certificate) many times, the people who know you best may find another name to call you by. Just like some of us call Lawrence “Larry U” or “LU.”

The nicknames you sent us tell a lot about who you were, and who you are now. Check some of these out! (We’ve done everything we can to protect your anonymity, unless you wish to have these nicknames follow you to Lawrence.)

“The Boy”

Hallerina Ballerina



Old Soul, Grassy


No, sadly I lived on Mars as a child.

Viva Las Vegas



The E-Man

The C-Man

Any and every word starting with “water” – watermelon, waterlilly, watergun and more.

Milky Way – kids couldn’t pronounce my last name right.


Princess Pib



Survey result #2: What’s New? (Part One)

A lot can happen between the time when students apply to Lawrence in the fall and when they decide to attend in the sunny spring. We accept many students who are multi-interested and involved and we know that life doesn’t stop after the application process! (And we certainly don’t expect academic achievement to stop, either…)

In a survey of incoming Lawrentians, we asked, “A lot has happened since you initially filled out your application. What’s new?”

The responses have both amazed and intrigued the admissions office here at Lawrence. Our incoming students are definitely ending their high school careers with fireworks and gusto! There are some common themes (listed below), but overall the responses are as varied, unique and diverse as the incoming class itself. Lawrence seeks students who have “challenged themselves in high school, who have performed well in their academic work, who express themselves well both verbally and in writing, who understand the value of a liberal arts education, and who are imaginative, energetic, and willing to become active members of a learning community”… a perfect match according to this survey (whew!)

Here are the top 4 responses to the question, “What’s New”?

1. Graduating from high school (no surprises here, but congratulations nonetheless!)

2. Traveling. A lot. (Places included: Karachi, New Mexico, Ontario, Peru, Philippines, Inner Mongolia, India, NYC, and the Mediterranean).

3. Working/ looking for work/ volunteering.

4. Attending weddings (’tis the season)

Here are ten of the more interesting responses:

1. Working on a sustainable farm “tramping around in the mud and chasing the peacocks away from the lettuce.

2. Raising praying mantises and spiders

3. Sleeping an average of eleven hours a day

4. Growing a beard

5. Learning to play the fiddle and guitar

6. Voted “Most Likely to be Famous” in senior class

7. Learned to drive (and subsequently broke) a stick shift

8. Mastering the making of a Quiche Lorraine

9. Developed a stage theory of relationships

10. Taking part in an all-island best speaker competition

Stay tuned, more to come…

Survey result #1: “I guess…a naughty child?”

Well, no…”the brat man” is not a naughty child, as one Lawrentian guessed.

In a survey of incoming Lawrentians, we asked simply (among many questions), “Have you ever heard of ‘the brat man?'” Whether you end up visiting the famous brat man during your time at Lawrence or not…we’re pretty sure you’ll know of him by the end of your first month on campus.

The statistics are pretty clear – by a margin of about two to one, you have not heard of the brat man…yet. Some of the more interesting answers were:

– As in the sausage that races at Miller park in Milwaukee?

– YES! Some hosts I met during admitted students weekend enthusiastically told me wild tales of the Brat Man!

– …I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it was referencing my younger sisters!!

– no…is this a Wisconsin thing?

– Yes. And I am very excited to meet him.

– No…now I want to know…oh the suspense!

Well let’s end the suspense! For those of you who read the “Quirky Look At Lawrence” brochure, this will be a little repetitive. (If you haven’t seen the brochure, email me at and I’ll send you a pdf version right away!)

If you are not from Wisconsin, you might need some background. First of all, the word sounds like “lot”, not “fat”. Second–according to the good folks at Wisconsin’s premier brat maker, Johnsonville, we know that a brat is a “sausage with finely chopped seasoned pork.” (Brats have been called “Wisconsin’s soul food.”)

Even better–brats can regularly be found just steps away from campus–in a cart, no less. Like NYC’s infamous hot dog carts, we have the brat cart. You can find it usually late at night. (Many students have discovered that “brat runs” are a great study break.) We asked students if they have discovered the brat cart yet, and, if so, how often they visit the brat cart. About half of the respondents are huge fans of the brat cart and about half have not yet feasted on a College Avenue brat. Their responses:

“The Brat Man is awesome! It should be part of Welcome Week.”

“Some of my friends go… they dress up for the vendor.”

“Jay, the Brat Man, and I are on a first-name basis.”

“I go once a week with a group from Plantz Hall.”

“Mmmmm…so good…very often.”

“There’s a late-night brat cart?!?!”

“I don’t like brats. I’m from the West Coast!”

“Yes, I go at least once a week…simply amazing.”

“I go every week with the ‘Brat Run’.”

“He serves turkey chili as his only non-beef product.”

(This student is sadly misguided; we all know brats are PORK.)

As you can see…the brat man can be a great study break for those of you who are open to eating something defined as a “sausage with finely chopped seasoned pork.”