Survey # 29: So what’s your favorite television show?

Believe it or not, television can be a bonding activity in college. We still have very strong memories of a few television shows we discovered friends through in college. There are common ones, The Bachelor, Packer games (sorry, this is Wisconsin we’re living in), and who could forget Cheers? There are also the uncommon shows that truly drew us to the kind of friends we’ve stayed connected to for the rest our lives.

From what we can tell, it looks as though many of you have already found a bond over favorite television shows or even lack of any kind of interest in television. The top response we received was, “I don’t watch TV” (though one of these individuals was concerned if this was okay, “is that sad?” he asked, we think it’s perfectly fine – to each his/her own!).

Following closely behind were The Office and House (each show received 12 votes!). We cannot forget the few shows that fell behind the top two shows, though these only received 4 or 5 votes each. They include: America’s Next Top Model, Arrested Development, Grey’s Anatomy, So You Think You Can Dance, and Gossip Girls.

Let the bonding begin!