Early Action decision letters are on their way

Stevie Wonder fans should be able to put the symbols to music.

Kudos to The Noun Project for the icons. (IHRTLUHC*)

*I hereby reaffirm the Lawrence University Honor Code.


3 thoughts on “Early Action decision letters are on their way”

  1. Our son was just admitted and we are trying to determine a time for him to visit. He wants to attend classes and spend one night if possible. Do you suggest any time over the next two months?

    Thank you.

    He and his parents are very excited about the prospect of his attending Lawrence.

    Don Austin

    1. We offer a number of individual visit opportunities during the week over the next couple of months. Our visit calendar (available through lawrence.edu/admisisons/connect) allows you to browse through days that you’re considering to see what’s available (e.g., interviews, campus tours, class visits, overnight visits, etc.) Once you decide on a day that works with your schedule, contact Kathy Hogan, the finest visit coordinator in all the land (in our humble opinion), at 920-832-6504.

    2. If you’re flying out to campus, you can fly into Appleton’s airport (6 miles from campus), Green Bay’s airport (29 miles from campus), or Milwaukee (about 100 miles and a rental car away).

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