Reason #72 Why We Love Lawrence: The Visitor List

I poked my head outside my office just as our lunch hosts were preparing to take a gaggle (I think that’s the term) of prospective students over to the Warch Campus Center for lunch. As is the usual custom, our students introduce themselves and where they’re from. (This particular group included Lawrentians from Milwaukee, Madison, the Twin Cities, Orange County, and Cameroon.) They then ask the prospective students clustered around our visitor lobby (pictured below)  to introduce themselves and where they’re from.

View of the lobby just after our visitors trekked off to lunch.

Today’s visitors for lunch (note: this doesn’t include the other 25 people who visited at other times today):

Sacramento, California (2 students)
Minocqua, Wisconsin
Highland Park, Illinois
St. Paul, Minnesota
Hong Kong

That’s right: 12,000 miles’ worth of traveling right here to Appleton, Wisconsin. (And we’re thrilled they’re here on such a nice day.)

Sorry we couldn't have had a nicer day for you today...

Remember us?

It has been an awfully long time since our last post, which I believe is sinful of a cardinal order in the blog world.

(We have an excuse. Really. Honestly. It’s legit.)

We’ve been in admission committee pretty solidly for the past few weeks, coming up occasionally for air to meet and greet the caravan of visitors coming to campus. We’re pretty much done with the first part, but won’t be done (and we’re happy not to be done) with the second part till early May.

So, in other words, sorry to have been gone so long. For our next few blog posts, we’ll provide some answers to those “Now that I’ve been admitted, what happens next?” questions.

For starters, feel free to meet some of your classmates on the Facebook*: Lawrence University Class of 2016

* definitive article, “the,” applied ironically to make the author appear out of touch with nifty social media




Dearest Lawrence, When will I hear about my admission decision?

Great question. We get it quite often at this time of year.

We’re currently signing all of our decision letters. (If you must know, I’m actually typing this while reaching over a pile of decision letters to do so.)

Our plan is to have these decisions in the mail by the end of this week and into your hands next week.

Feel free to get in touch with your Lawrence admissions counselor with questions about your status.


Update: All documents are up to date on Voyager.

If you have applied for Regular Decision admission to Lawrence, our system is entirely up to date with all documents we have received. Please check your Voyager account to see if your application is complete (if you haven’t done so already).

If you see that something is missing, don’t fret: you have until the end of this week (February 10) to get your materials in and still be considered in this round of Regular Decision admission. For questions or a friendly “It’s on the way!” feel free to contact your Lawrence admissions counselor via our nifty counselor-o-matic.

A note to our Regular Decision applicants

Our data entry team is still hard at work matching up the thousands of documents we received in the week leading up to our Regular Decision deadline (which was, in hindsight, not too strategically placed on a Sunday).

If you’re checking your Voyager account and still see as “missing” items you know you have sent, trust yourself and the process. Your stuff is most likely here just waiting to get matched up with your application. Once we’re caught up enough to know where we stand, we’ll get in touch with you if we’re still awaiting items from you. More important, we’ll give you some time to complete your application.

In the meantime, please know that we’re happy you have applied, and hope to share good news with you in March.