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Video: Grow Your Network with LinkedIn (2021)

Grow your Network with LinkedIn, Jill Manuel ’84, Director of Content/Newsroom Strategist, Social Media Coach & Content Creator, ABC 10 The Lawrence network is one of the most powerful tools that students can tap into for not only career advice but also for comradery, friendship and general advice. Join alumna, Jill Manuel ‘84, as she discusses the power of Lawrentian networking and how optimizing LinkedIn can help you connect with Lawrentians and beyond.

Video: Summer Research 101 (2021)

Are you interested in summer research, but not sure how to successfully secure a position? Do you want to become a competitive candidate for on-campus and/or off-campus research opportunities? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this workshop is for you. Join Jacklyn Fischer (Career Center) and Prof. Deanna Donohoue as they walk you through the timeline and process of preparing a competitive application for any type of summer research.

Video: Your Guide to a High-Impact Summer (2021)

The summer months are an excellent time to explore your interests, deepen your learning, and gain experience beyond the classroom. In this session, Jacklyn Fischer & Mandy Netzel (Career Center), and Peter Blitstein (Associate Dean of the Faculty and Professor of History) will help you explore the many options you have to gain meaningful hands-on experience this summer. Topics covered will include internship programs, funding for experiential learning and research, and more! They will also help you walk through the timeline and process for successfully mapping out your high-impact summer!

Video: Shattering the Glass Ceiling as Women & People of Color (2021)

Ted Fleming, Head of Talent, CVS, discusses strategies for shattering the glass ceiling. Have you ever felt like there are hidden keys to unlocking career success, or have you been left wishing that you knew how to play “the game” in a more strategic and effective way? This session will tap into that frustration and lay out key moves you can make to increase your likelihood of success. Some of those include mastering your image, managing your spheres of influence, and thinking like a leader. Join Ted, who has helped hundreds of individuals advance in their careers, to learn helpful tips for mastering your own success.

Video: Secrets of Career Success Kick-off Event (2021)

Kick-off event features a welcome address by President Laurie Carter followed by Dr. Greta Raaen Dzieciaszek ‘05, CVS Health. Translating a liberal arts education into a corporate career, leading into a CVS recruiting conversation about open internships and early career opportunities. Keynote: The Networking Quadrant, Ted Fleming, Head of Talent Development, CVS Health, and author of Develop.