Nothing Elementary About It!

You should check out the Watson Fellowships if you think you might be in the running.  If you are intellectually curious and have a good idea, this is a big opportunity.

Watson Fellowship

Information sessions!

Wed. April 21st 11:10-12:20 Runckel, and 2:00-3:00 Kraemer

Warch Campus Center

With the Director of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation

Cleveland Johnson

What is the Watson Fellowship?

Simply put, one of the coolest fellowships ever offered.  The winner of a Watson Fellowship receives $25,000 to carry out a one-year independent study of her own design.


The Watson is awarded to graduating seniors. The winner must carry out the proposed study outside of their home country (typically the US), and they must be gone for the entire year (no sneaking home for the holidays).  The proposal should be focused on something the applicant is passionate about, but may not have had a chance to explore before.  Sword-making, rain-forest ecology, mermaid myths, and the role of harmonics in sacred music are just a few of the topics previous winners have studied. Our winner this year, Alex Winter, will be heading off to Asia to study on-line gaming culture.

Time Line

Applications are due at the end of September at the start of your graduating year, BUT it is never too early to start thinking about what you might propose. So everyone is welcome to this information session given by the Watson Director himself.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

We have scheduled two separate sessions for your convenience!