Lawrence Scholars in Law Wrap

The Lawrence Scholars in Law kicked off in style with a capacity crowd (35-40 students) and a festival-type atmosphere, with about 15 students joining us for dinner.  As I said in my introductory remarks, the alumni talent on hand for our panel was extraordinary.  Each is a lawyer and a member of the Lawrence board of trustees, and each is very enthusiastic about he prospects for the LSL program.

A couple of points emerged from the discussion.  The first is that there is no right major that you need to choose to apply.  Our four panelists came from four different majors — history, government, economics, and piano performance.  The second theme seemed to be that a law degree opens up many doors, not just the door to the big law firm.

Panelist Jeff Riester also pointed prospective law students to Law School: Getting In, Getting Out, Getting On, by Michael Ariens.  This seems like a good resource, and pre-law advisor Steve Wulf and myself will hold onto it if you care to take a look at it.

We are planning one LSL per term this year, and we would like to encourage you to provide us with feedback, as well as input into content for future programs.

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