Schumptoberfest a Success

The Schumptoberfest celebration was a smashing success, with at least one of us understanding the Williamson debt-equity financing argument a little better at the end than at the beginning.  Thanks to all those who participated, especially Professor Galambos, who took time out from his sabbatical leave to read “100” pages and keep me in line.

As per usual with these events, we received word that there were some items left behind.  Here is a partial accounting: a set of dentures, a hearing aid, “a leather whip, a live rabbit, a tuba, a ship in a bottle, 1,450 items of clothing, 770 identity cards, 420 wallets, 366 keys, 330 bags and 320 pairs of glasses, 90 cameras and 90 items of jewellery and watches.”

Thanks to Tom for the tip.