The Pope’s Children Revisited

“Economists festivals tend to be so po-faced, so bitchy"

In the wake of Michael Lewis’s recent piece, Professor Galambos reminds me of the excellent “In Search of the Pope’s Children” from 2006.   If you have read the piece on Germany, you might take a look at the first 15 minutes of part 3, which is amazingly prescient given this was done five years ago (like Lewis, McWilliams also invokes a prostitution metaphor to dissect the situation).   The piece also melds well with Lewis’s piece on Ireland.

Of more recent vintage, McWilliams is the author of The Generation Game and Follow the Money, and also launched a comedy tour dedicated to mocking Irish bankers.

Here’s more on the cheeky McWilliams.

2 thoughts on “The Pope’s Children Revisited”

  1. I was glad to see that the latest issue of The Economist agrees with me about the quality of that Lewis piece on Germany: “Now Mr Lewis has turned to the more complex subject of Germany. The results are less persuasive. The opening paragraph seems to contain a howler about a non-existent “newly elected Spanish government”. Irrelevant, often gratuitous Nazi references are littered through the text.” (

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