As many of you know, Lawrence received a grant from the Luce Foundation to explore a program we call Sustainable China: Integrating Culture, Conservation, and Commerce.  Thursday and Friday we will be hosting two visitors from the Karst Institute at Guizhou Normal University in Guiyang, China.  They will be giving a  talk on Friday afternoon at 3:10 in Steitz 102 and are available for Q & A after the talk.  Please below for details or green posters in various spots in Briggs Hall.

Sustainable China:  Integrating Culture, Conservation and Commerce


Ren Xiaodong

Professor at the Institute of South China Karst and Director of the Community-Based Conservation and Research Development Center at

Guizhou Normal University

“Integrated Management of Nature Reserves in Guizhou Province”

Professor Ren will discuss efforts to incorporate a variety of stakeholders in the management of the Chishui Nature Reserve.  The reserve is a national treasure as well as the source of water for the Moutai Liquor.

Zhou Zongfa

Vice Dean Institute of South China Karst and Professor in School of Geography and Biological Science at Guizhou Normal University

“Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the study of Karst and Caves in Guizhou Province”

Professor Zhou will address how GIS systems help identify the characteristics of sedimentary rocks in China which will assist decision-makers in evaluating the effects of and planning for future economic development in Guizhou Province.


Friday, September 30th


Steitz Hall 102