Enterprise Proposals by Students in Entrepreneurship and Finance

Come one, come all to hear budding entrepreneurs present their proposals to a group of “sharks”, as in the venture capitalists who review business proposals on the ABC program Shark Tank.

The presentations will take place Tuesday, May 28th and Thursday, May 30th from 2:30 – 4:00 in Cinema.  See details below.

Tuesday, May 28th


Time             Enterprise                                Entrepreneurs

2:30pm            ReactSTART                                       Pat Vincent & Luke Barthelmess

3:00pm            Café Crossfit                                      Tanner DeBettencourt & Alex Brewer

3:30pm            4.0: The Place to Be At                   Aimen Khan, Minh Nguyen, James Maverick &  Nathan Nichols-Weliky-Fearing

Thursday, May 30th                                     

 Time                  Enterprise                                          Entrepreneurs

2:30pm            Kefir Mania                                        Max Randolph, Tony Darling & Carl Byers

3:00pm            Ivory Conscience Gaming            Babajide Ademola, Yuto Sawaki &  Will Evans

3:30pm            Care for Caregivers                         Jake Zimmerman & Kabindra Dhakal