We have a winner!

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Nobel Prize Committee Covers Its Assets

The Nobel Prize in Economics goes to Eugene Fama, Robert Shillier, and Lars Peter Hansen for their work on asset pricing.   Fama is well-known for his empirical work on the Efficient Market Hypothesis, as well as work corporate finance (or any organizational finance, really).  He has a half dozen articles with north of 10,000 citations.  Zoinks.   Shiller is a well-known behavioral guy who writes about market volatility and asset bubbles (are those inconsistent with the EMH?).  You might know him from the Case-Shiller housing price index we’re always reading about.  I don’t know much about Hansen, beyond the generalized method of moments business.

I’m sure there’s no dearth of news reports on these guys.  Marginal Revolution has a thousand words on each today. 

Once again, there was no winner in the Pick the Nobel contest, meaning the fabulous prize package will roll over to next year.

Rewarding Our Own

Congratulations to Tu Ngyuen, Syed Abbas, and Anmy Xu for picking up some hardware at tonight’s Honors Dinner.   The McConagha and Bradley Awards are for the junior and senior, respectively, with the highest grade point average.   Anmy takes home the junior award, and Tu is the winner on the senior circuit.  Syed wins the Champion Prize for the outstanding paper.  Congratulations all around.

And the chicken was delicious.