Survey Results #7: Who Watches You Play Badminton?

Lawrence University is proud to offer 22 Division III varsity sports, as well as many exciting club sports (crew, men’s volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and women’s hockey).

We asked you to share with us your favorite sports to watch and play. First, there’s a sizable number of you who don’t like to watch sports at all (19) and a smaller number who don’t like to participate in sports (11) in any way. Beyond that, your answers ranged from baseball, football and soccer all the way to cheering, kickball, kendo and something called frolf. We’re pretty sure that stands for frisbee golf.

Before giving you the top five answers for each question, we thought we’d drop in a plug for our athletics homepage. There, you’ll be able to find out pretty much anything you need to know about our varsity, club and intramural sports.

Now, the top five sports incoming Lawrentians like to watch:

1 – Baseball

2 – Soccer

3 – Basketball

4 – Football

5 – Tennis/Hockey (tied)

One person indicated that he likes to watch badminton more than any other sport.

And, the top five sports incoming Lawrentians like to play:

1 – Soccer

2 – Volleyball

3 – Badminton

4 – Basketball

5 – Swimming

** Although, if you combine baseball and softball, they would be in fourth place.

So the large number of you who like to play badminton can count on a small, but loyal, audience of one.

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