Survey Results #8: What’s New (Part Three)

As we have seen in previous blog postings, the incoming class of 2013 possesses a wealth of experiences, adventures, and achievements, and we can state with the utmost confidence that these experiences will only enhance and enrich the Lawrence community. In celebration, we at Lawrence have compiled an ABC list of all the most recent new adventures of the class of 2013… congrats!

A– AP Exams, Australia

B– Baboons

C– Cupcake, world’s biggest

D– Dissecting sheep’s brain

E– Eagle Scouts

F– Finals

G– German, games

H– Habitat for Humanity

I– Interlochen

J– Jamaica

K– Karachi

L– Literary Magazines

M– Mural, 32 foot

N– National Outdoor Leadership School

O– Organ Lessons

P– P2x7 Receptors (aka, human genes)

Q– Quiche Lorraine

R– Reef Sharks

S– Sustainable agriculture

T– Tennis

U– United Methodist Camp

V– Venice

W– Working

X– X, Malcolm (The reading of)

Y– Yale Medical Center

Z– Zzzzz’s, catching up on