Survey Results #34: Why Lawrence? (Part Three)

Below are the most common responses given by our incoming class of 2013, to the question of, “Why Lawrence”?

Organic dining services

Double Degree Program

A New Student Center

Soccer Team

Beautiful Campus

Abundant international population

Trimester system

Test-optional philosophy

Favorite response:

Lawrence is “filled with possibilities, and even some impossibilites. In short, it’s just right.”

Want to discover your “why Lawrence” reason? Take a tour, sit in on a class and spend the night during one of our fall visit days.

Survey Results #31: Why Lawrence? (part two)

If you are a perspective student wondering why you should choose Lawrence University, perhaps these responses from the incoming class of 2013 will help to guide your search.

“Out of all the colleges and universities, why Lawrence?”


Extracurricular activities

Flexible academic programme

Engaging professors

Individual attention

Social diversity

Quirky yet cool student body

Seasonal differences

Cheese Curds

Still more to come…

Survey Results #28: Why Lawrence?

To the class of 2013:

Out of all the colleges and universities in the world, you will come matriculating into ours. We are honored and thrilled to have you! In a recent survey, we asked, “Why Lawrence”?

Please enjoy some of the responses below.

It’s in Appleton


The Conservatory

Small Campus, Big Town

Shakespeare classes in Britain

Honor Code

Liberal arts education

It’s a College that Changes Lives

More to come…

Survey Results # 25: Unique Traits (part two)

What makes someone unique? To quote noted philosopher Dr. Seuss; “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you.”

That being said, it can be assumed that just being yourself, with your interests and goals, can guarantee you a spot in the unique club. Nevertheless, we polled our incoming class of 2013 with the question, “What is the most unique thing about you”, and there were some common themes of uniqueness.

Most responses made reference to cultural, ethnic, and ancestral heritage.

Our incoming students are from all over the world and are proud of their heritage while at the same time wanting to experience diversity in all forms. The office of multicultural affairs is dedicated to provide the resources necessary for all students to express and explore culture and identity… so feel free to bring your cultural baggage to share!

In second place were references to physical characteristics… you know, red hair, birthmarks, monkey feet, etc.

“As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.” -Robert Schuller

Survey Results #22: Unique Traits

Dear Lawrence University Class of 2013,

We at the office of admissions have been pleasantly delighted and surprised by your responses to our fun survey. Thank you for your candid answers and honest reflection to the question,

“What is the most unique thing about you?”

While everyone is unique in their own way (it’s true), here are some responses worth highlighting:

– An alter-ego named Siouxsie Queball

– A minuscule sneeze

– Undetectable sarcasm

– Gut-rattling burps

– Implanted RFID microchip for the fun

– Playing piano with body facing opposite direction and hands wrapped about body

– Heightened sense of time

– Wearing socks that never, ever match

Whatever your idiosyncrasies be, Lawrence University is the perfect environment to cultivate such individualized interest.