Survey Results # 19: “Oh you are special, special, everyone is special…” (Part one)

The title is a quote from one of Barney’s smash hits, (Yes, Barney the friendly purple dinosaur), and it accurately portrays how we feel about each member of our incoming class. In a recent survey, we asked the class of 2013 “What is the most unique thing about you”, and the responses were, well, unique!

Here are some responses:

-“My Bald Head”

-“I throat sing”

-“I own a pink hairless dog that has brown spots. No, this is not a lie”

– “I have a donkey that is buried in our yard (it is dead)”

-“My majestic nose”

-“I have a birthmark located on the underbelly of my chin”

-“I have a drag queen alter-ego named Siouxsie Queball” (Fierce!)

-“I can put a string into one of my nostrils and pull it out of the other” (a little gross, but ok)

-“I’m a closet birdwatcher”

-“Our family owns a Christmas tree farm”

-“Siamese cat named Yo-yo Ma, and my standard poodle named Hadji”

-“Cogito Ergo Nom” (I think therefore I am)

-“Some people call me a ping pong master”

-“I can sing the Element song by Tom Lehrer” (a pretty impressive feat)

More uniqueness to come. Stay tuned…

Survey Results # 16: And the Award Goes to… (Part three)

All proud personal moments from the class of 2013!

We all have goals, dreams and ambitions and sometimes the best recognition is not one that is given to you by someone else, but one that you give to yourself. Below is just a sample of responses from the class of 2013, in response to their proudest personal achievement.

-Reaching 5’10”

-Creating interpretive animal paintings

-Not getting eaten or lost in a Costa Rican jungle

-Developing a hypothesis on the birth of the universe

-Awesome minesweeper high scores

-Having a fast metabolism

-Successfully running a business

-Not getting hypothermia

-Getting hypothermia and surviving

-Completing bar mitzvah

-Making designs for a dragon catapult named Shanique

In the fall, the entire incoming class will be able to add their matriculation to Lawrence University to the running list of accomplishments…Congrats!

Survey Results # 13: And the Award Goes to… (Part two)

Athletes and world travelers!

Trailing shortly behind awards and achievements in music and the arts, Lawrence University’s class of 2013 informed us of their many proud moments in sports and traveling (sometimes one in the same)

Below are some athletic/ geographic achievements from the class of 2013. Don’t worry if you didn’t make the list: with 22 varsity teams and sports and more than 50 off-campus/international programs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore at Lawrence!

-Received the Steve Stromquist Award for football

-Took outside swimming classes in winter

-Went backpacking through the mountains of New Mexico

-Traveled alone in Spain

-Ran up the steps of the Eiffel Tower

-Placed 15th in national chess tournament (Chess is a mental sport)

-Won state volleyball/football championships

-Visited Laos and learned how to fish with bare hands

-Spent two weeks in the Costa Rican rainforest

-Led cross country team to sectionals

-Left American high school for a year and enrolled in a Polish high school as a Polish citizen, not an exchange student

-Went backpacking through the arctic tundra for 45 days

Stay tuned for the ever entertaining random awards…

Survey Results # 10: And the Award Goes to… (Part one)

Musicians and Artists!

Well, not JUST to musicians and artists… The overwhelming majority of responses to our question, “What award are you most proud of in your life,” included achievements in music, arts or humanities.

Below are some musical/artistic highlights from the class of 2013:

Playing music for orphanages in Cusco, Peru

Playing at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center

Winning first place at state in Duet Acting

Singing at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.

Many, many state, all state, and honor ensembles

Attending Interlochen Arts Camp

Winning the John Philip Sousa Band Award (at least 3 people listed this award)

Receiving the National Committee of Teachers of English Award

Completing a novel

Being a member of the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra

Winning the Schubert Jazz Piano Competition

Appointed the senior teacher assistant in a freshman honors English class

Winning fourth prize in a county-wide poetry contest

Playing the part of Richard in Shakespeare’s King Richard II

Stay tuned for athletic and geographic achievements. In the meantime feel free to check out our departmental websites in music, theater, and English to discover ways that you can put your achievements and experiences to good use.

Survey Results #8: What’s New (Part Three)

As we have seen in previous blog postings, the incoming class of 2013 possesses a wealth of experiences, adventures, and achievements, and we can state with the utmost confidence that these experiences will only enhance and enrich the Lawrence community. In celebration, we at Lawrence have compiled an ABC list of all the most recent new adventures of the class of 2013… congrats!

A– AP Exams, Australia

B– Baboons

C– Cupcake, world’s biggest

D– Dissecting sheep’s brain

E– Eagle Scouts

F– Finals

G– German, games

H– Habitat for Humanity

I– Interlochen

J– Jamaica

K– Karachi

L– Literary Magazines

M– Mural, 32 foot

N– National Outdoor Leadership School

O– Organ Lessons

P– P2x7 Receptors (aka, human genes)

Q– Quiche Lorraine

R– Reef Sharks

S– Sustainable agriculture

T– Tennis

U– United Methodist Camp

V– Venice

W– Working

X– X, Malcolm (The reading of)

Y– Yale Medical Center

Z– Zzzzz’s, catching up on