Survey Results # 13: And the Award Goes to… (Part two)

Athletes and world travelers!

Trailing shortly behind awards and achievements in music and the arts, Lawrence University’s class of 2013 informed us of their many proud moments in sports and traveling (sometimes one in the same)

Below are some athletic/ geographic achievements from the class of 2013. Don’t worry if you didn’t make the list: with 22 varsity teams and sports and more than 50 off-campus/international programs, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore at Lawrence!

-Received the Steve Stromquist Award for football

-Took outside swimming classes in winter

-Went backpacking through the mountains of New Mexico

-Traveled alone in Spain

-Ran up the steps of the Eiffel Tower

-Placed 15th in national chess tournament (Chess is a mental sport)

-Won state volleyball/football championships

-Visited Laos and learned how to fish with bare hands

-Spent two weeks in the Costa Rican rainforest

-Led cross country team to sectionals

-Left American high school for a year and enrolled in a Polish high school as a Polish citizen, not an exchange student

-Went backpacking through the arctic tundra for 45 days

Stay tuned for the ever entertaining random awards…