Survey Results #12: National Wanderers

Lawrence University has students from nearly all fifty states. We thought it would be interesting to ask you which states you are most excited to meet other students from. While a good number of students said “anywhere from the east coast” and slightly more said “any southern state”, we did see some interesting results.

While we didn’t ask why you picked the state you did, here are the states you most want to meet people from:

1 – California

2 – New York (several people referenced an accent)

3 – Alaska (two people specifically referenced asking about Sarah Palin)

4 – Wisconsin and Texas (tied)

5 – Hawaii

So, those of you hailing from the above-mentioned states…you’ll be very popular when you get to campus in two months!

Make a point to stop by the admissions office once you’re on campus to see the “pin-map,” where we have a pin signifying the hometown of every Lawrence student. The fact that you are attending a campus with such strong geographic diversity, along with one of the most internationally diverse campuses is something you can all be proud of!

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