Survey Results # 16: And the Award Goes to… (Part three)

All proud personal moments from the class of 2013!

We all have goals, dreams and ambitions and sometimes the best recognition is not one that is given to you by someone else, but one that you give to yourself. Below is just a sample of responses from the class of 2013, in response to their proudest personal achievement.

-Reaching 5’10”

-Creating interpretive animal paintings

-Not getting eaten or lost in a Costa Rican jungle

-Developing a hypothesis on the birth of the universe

-Awesome minesweeper high scores

-Having a fast metabolism

-Successfully running a business

-Not getting hypothermia

-Getting hypothermia and surviving

-Completing bar mitzvah

-Making designs for a dragon catapult named Shanique

In the fall, the entire incoming class will be able to add their matriculation to Lawrence University to the running list of accomplishments…Congrats!