Survey Results #15: “I Know Nothing About Robotics…”

You all certainly plan to be active once you get to campus! We asked you what clubs and organizations you were interested in joining or starting when you arrived at Lawrence University, and your responses couldn’t have been more interesting!

Before sharing the results, we’d encourage you to check out our campus life page, where you can find a full listing of all the current student organizations registered with the Lawrence University Community Council.

The first observation we have is how “multi-interested” you are! Most of you responded with more than one activity, and they were often unrelated to each other. About half of you who indicated an interest in music also indicated an interest in sports. Many of you who are interested in writing for The Lawrentian (school newspaper) are just as interested in joining an academic organization, like the biology club or the philosophy club.

However, almost without question, the strongest co-curricular interest of incoming Lawrentians is athletics. Whether it’s basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, fencing, badminton or crew, you seem to have every intention of being active.

The top five categories were:

1 – Athletics

2 – Music Groups

3 – Political Organizations

4 – Academic Clubs

5 – Community Service

A substantial number of you also stated an intention of joining one of the religious organizations on campus. Many of you specifically listed our swing dancing group or working in the Sustainable Lawrence University Garden.

Others of you have plans of your own, and are fully ready to start new clubs that don’t already exist. Some of the more noteworthy examples were:

– Minesweeper club (we’re not sure what this is…)

– Cupcake club (we think we know what this is…and we’re excited!)

– Cloud Appreciation Society

– “I want to start AIF (American Investment Fellows) to teach financial literacy in public schools.”

– “Robotics type club. I know nothing about robotics, but I really want to learn!”

– “My friend and I would love to start an a cappella group that does video game music, as well as pop tunes.”

This is why we like to call Lawrentians “multi-interested.”

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