Survey Results #5: What’s New (Part Two)

As we continue on the journey of discovery of the incoming class, it has been refreshing to see that there is no shortage of academic and extracurricular achievements. The summer before college is a perfect time to celebrate old friends, achievements and adventures and anticipate new ones. While traveling and working are still the top responses to the survey question; what’s new? , there are plenty of unique responses that we would like to highlight below:

What’s new since your application to Lawrence?

-“Baseball team is going downstate”

-“I sang a solo at graduation”

-“I just got back from a trip to South Africa with a friend where we worked with injured/orphaned monkeys and baboons”

-I got paid to play music four times!”

-“I am going to take acting classes”

-“working on an organic farm this summer”

-“I have played human foosball”

-“Prom turned out to be horribly boring”

-“I just finished a mini triathlon today!”

-“I made over $200 selling pottery at my high school”

-“I have lived through nearly an entire year in Mexico and seen far too many beautiful things to articulate in the process”

-“Nominated for Worst Driver in the school–Sad!”

-“I feel like a newborn with a world full of possibilities. What isn’t new?” (well said!)

Still more to come. ..stay tuned.