Survey Results # 19: “Oh you are special, special, everyone is special…” (Part one)

The title is a quote from one of Barney’s smash hits, (Yes, Barney the friendly purple dinosaur), and it accurately portrays how we feel about each member of our incoming class. In a recent survey, we asked the class of 2013 “What is the most unique thing about you”, and the responses were, well, unique!

Here are some responses:

-“My Bald Head”

-“I throat sing”

-“I own a pink hairless dog that has brown spots. No, this is not a lie”

– “I have a donkey that is buried in our yard (it is dead)”

-“My majestic nose”

-“I have a birthmark located on the underbelly of my chin”

-“I have a drag queen alter-ego named Siouxsie Queball” (Fierce!)

-“I can put a string into one of my nostrils and pull it out of the other” (a little gross, but ok)

-“I’m a closet birdwatcher”

-“Our family owns a Christmas tree farm”

-“Siamese cat named Yo-yo Ma, and my standard poodle named Hadji”

-“Cogito Ergo Nom” (I think therefore I am)

-“Some people call me a ping pong master”

-“I can sing the Element song by Tom Lehrer” (a pretty impressive feat)

More uniqueness to come. Stay tuned…