Survey Results #22: Unique Traits

Dear Lawrence University Class of 2013,

We at the office of admissions have been pleasantly delighted and surprised by your responses to our fun survey. Thank you for your candid answers and honest reflection to the question,

“What is the most unique thing about you?”

While everyone is unique in their own way (it’s true), here are some responses worth highlighting:

– An alter-ego named Siouxsie Queball

– A minuscule sneeze

– Undetectable sarcasm

– Gut-rattling burps

– Implanted RFID microchip for the fun

– Playing piano with body facing opposite direction and hands wrapped about body

– Heightened sense of time

– Wearing socks that never, ever match

Whatever your idiosyncrasies be, Lawrence University is the perfect environment to cultivate such individualized interest.