If you are waiting for access to your Voyager account…

You may have received a letter from our financial aid office encouraging you to apply for financial aid, and giving you a bunch of instructions about how to use your Voyager account to track your financial aid documents.

Many of you—dutiful future Lawrentians that you are—have followed our instructions only to find yourself unable to log in. Below is a summary statement of how we have heard this makes you feel:

Here’s the good news (sort of): It’s not you; it’s us.

We are still in the process of building user profiles for all of our applicants so they can use Voyager, a process that will be complete in the next couple of weeks.*

Once that process is complete, we will send you—via snail mail—your username and password.You can, however, still start the financial aid application process while you wait for your Voyager access to become available. Our priority deadline to apply for financial aid is March 1.

If you have questions about this, or need to know right now whether we have your financial aid documents, please connect with your Lawrence admissions counselor.

Honestly, get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.

*If you’re interested in technical stuff, we are exporting files from our admission system to our student record system. You’d think that would be a quick process, but when we’re dealing with thousands of applications and student records, you want to be more than 100% certain that all the data are right. We wouldn’t want to send the wrong information to the wrong people.

(Sad face designed by Tobias F. Wolf, from The Noun Project.)

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