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Career Paths for Generation “I”

A new career survey by Adecco Group provides a picture of the career trajectories and expectations of 22-26 year-old recent college graduates. The group dubs this population Generation “I” because people in this age group have a secure understanding of who they are and what they want – and won’t compromise to get it. Check out some these interesting findings from the survey…

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Career Planning with a Busy Schedule


Finding free time in between classes, work, and extracurricular activities is like searching for a needle in a haystack. If you add in a few hours to sleep, eat, and check Facebook, you might as well call it a day. Getting everything done requires prioritizing time. For most of us, that means first addressing what is most immediately relevant and leaving the rest for later.

Career planning is one of the areas that often falls into the “rest” category. Preparing yourself for a career seems far enough into the future that you can wait to address it at another time. However, it is never too soon to start incorporating career planning strategies into your daily life.

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