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Bartered Bride and Ancient Peruvian Art

What do these two topics have in common? The LU Digital Image Collections!
The Bartered Bride images from the Theatre Department production were recently added to the LU Theatre Depatrment Productions collection. You can look at the images from Bartered Bride and many other productions by selecting a title from the drop down menu or you can just browse the collection to see the wonderful work of our students, facutly and staff.

We also added a new book to our Selections from Special Collections. Ancient Peruvian Art: Sculpture first published in 1937 is made available with the permission of the National Museum of Peru. This book has some wonderful images of Peruvian sculpture that you can browse from your own computer.

Google Art Project

If you thought that Google was so busy digitizing every book they can get their hands on that they couldn’t be working on any other major projects you will be surprised to hear that they have been working with some major museums to bring you Google Art Project.

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

History of the Book exhibit

Students from Professor Garth Bond’s fall-term English 527: History of the Book class will be exhibiting their term projects in the Mudd Library. The exhibit opens Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 4:30pm. Come join us for refreshments and interesting conversation about the research the students have done on books housed right here in the Mudd.

Into The Woods

The Visual Resources Library just added 36 images for the Department of Theatre Arts Fall 2010 performance of Into The Woods. You can find them in the Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts Productions digital image collection. Select the production name from the drop down. You may find other productions that you are interested in looking at while you’re at it!

Images for Academic Publishing

Need an image for the article you are writing but don’t have time to find the image and seek permissions? Like other faculty at Lawrence, you may find what you are looking for in ARTstor. There are over 10,300 images available for academic publishing, free of charge, and coypright cleared.

“Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) seeks to facilitate scholarship in the arts by reducing the costs associated with publishing images in academic journals and similar publications. Image providers participating in IAP have supplied publication-quality images and agreed to make them available free-of-charge for use in scholarly publications.”

To read more about this from ARTstor you can go to their information page at:


If you are interested in IAP, and would like help using ARTstor please contact Colette at: colette.brautigam@lawrence.edu

Sidney D. Gamble Photographs

“Duke University Libraries has launched an online digital collection of about 5,000 photographs shot primarily in China between 1917 and 1932. The photographs were taken by Sidney Gamble, the grandson of Procter and Gamble co-founder James Gamble, and provide a glimpse into daily life unlike any other photographs from this period. A sociologist, China scholar, and avid amateur photographer, Gamble travelled extensively in China from Liaoning province in the northeast to Guangdong province in the south and to the western edge of Sichuan province along the border of Tibet. The photographs came to light when Gamble’s daughter, Catherine Curran, discovered the collection at the family’s home. She gave the entire collection to Duke in 2006, just before her death.”